Boy Scout Troop 20/20

Hockanum River District
CT Rivers Council, Vernon, CT

Troop 20/20 Goals
  • One Camping Trip per month
  • Use the older scouts as much as possible to teach the young scouts
  • Conducting meaningful and well planned troop meetings
  • Promote Summer Camp for all Troop members
  • Develop program for older Scouts in line with their Scouting interests
  • Actively participate in the community
  • Perform two 6 hour service projects, minimum
  • Each Scout advance at least one rank
  • Fundraisers for additional equipment and mostly Program Expenses, and for the individual Scouts' use
  • Maintain a close relationship with the Packs in the area
  • Promote Scouting Spirit in all aspects of Troop Activities and recruit new scouts
  • Foster a cooperative interaction between Troops in the area
  • Encourage active participation for Order of the Arrow (OA) members in OA functions

Troop 20/20 Calendar